The Institute for Entrepreneurial Freedom (IUF) is Germany’s think tank for the free market economy and is in the tradition of Anglo-Saxon think tanks.

Prof. Dr. Charles B. Blankart, Vorsitzender


Dr. Oliver Knipping, Vorstand


Wolfgang Müller, Vorstand


Sascha Tamm, Vorstand


Vision: We live in a free society. Property is untouchable. The actions of individuals are free from government interference.

Mission: We advocate a comprehensive understanding of the importance of property rights and freedom of contract as the basis of a free society.

We achieve our mission through uncompromising (…)

  1. Use for free trade
  2. Positioning against the reintroduction of a wealth tax
  3. Positioning for abolition of inheritance tax

The IUF is funded and funded exclusively by private sponsors. We reject any state funding, but we are happy about your donation.